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Pay For Repair's Online
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Welcome to Gaming Solutions

For Fast Speedy Repairs Please Call (706-317-5286)

Where all of your gaming needs can be meet, We thank you for your business. 

**We Also Offer Psp Handheld Repairs An Modd's** 

 Hi my Names (Ben F.)
You may want to sue Microsoft or Sony but the fact is you cant.
Its sad to say that the Xbox 360 has a 58% failure rate.
Yes more than half of these gaming consoles will fail with
some error or problem that puts your gaming to a complete stop!
And if your warranty is expired Mirosoft -Sony will charge $140-$150
for these repairs. If your dont believe me go ahead and call them.
   Here at ET4-360 the price for these repairs are far cheaper. .
Question: What should I do when I got Red Ring of Death?
  Answer: Simple, pick up the phone and dial (1-706)317-5286.
We will repair your xbox for $50. But I can tell   you what you should NOT DO.
DO NOT wrap your xbox with a towel or put pennies on the ANA chip or replace
 the X-Clamp with some screws and nuts. This will cause more damage to your logic board. 
These simple tricks are making the problem worse.


**Open Tray Error**

**One Red Light**

** Three Red Light's Of Death**

**No Video/Audio**

**New Laser's - Drives**

**Two Red Light's Of Doom**

**All Error Codes (Ex, E74)**

** New Spendals An Much More!!!**

We Replace Defective Part's Tran's, Caps, Ram's Gpu, Cpu's And Many Many More

WE Repair Everythinng For Xbox 360
So Any Problem Is No Problem Feel Free To Contact us in the fourms or you can contact us via phone.

** No Video/Audio** 

**Not Reading Blu-Ray**

**Yellow light of death**

**No Power No Problem**

**Laser replacment/ Blu-Ray Replacment's**

Nothing Is Too Big For Us To Handle

Feel Free To Check Out http://www.wix.com/et4360/xbox-360-and-ps3-repairs#!contact

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